Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Paella dish grows in Harlem.

This Saturday, Cynthia and I had dinner with our good friends and fellow foodies, Reva and Talo.  Fellow Harlem residents, they are just a short walk from us so off we went to enjoy dinner on foot.  On the menu was Paella!  I was very excited to eat paella made by a true Spaniard and it was delish!  Originally I was going to bring a bottle of Albariño but ended with this great Rosé from the Greek Island of Paros.  It was a nice pairing.  Talo's paella featured slightly spicy chorizo, mussels, shrimp, calamari, clams and the rice was perfectly cooked.  That paella pan can produce some true magic.  I think I had three servings?!  The brownies with vanilla bean and ginger ice cream was divine for dessert.  The conversation was wonderful.  Their cool kitty, Sir Walter, was recovering from an illness but oh so sweet.  Cynthia's amazing Spanish accent was on display and we are now hooked on Spanish insurance commercials featuring the phrase, "Me Siento Seguro" featuring Pepe Reina.  Next time, I'll try to drink the wine your way!  Thanks Reva and Talo for a terrific meal and evening.  Our turn to cook.  Some I Phone pics...

The magic of the paella pan in full glory.

And here come the roasted peppers!  Great color!

Reva, serving up the love!

It was the best paella I've had, hands down.  Perfect execution and great flavors!

Talo! Talo! Talo!

Greek Rosé and Spanish Paella, a perfect pairing!


  1. Was offered and then we forgot. Ruing that decision.

  2. c'mon down in the next 5 minutes, dude....leftovers for dindin.