Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cooking on Steinway Street - Salmon with Penne

Back at Aunt Fofi's today for a lunch and she threw down one of the tastiest quick and easy dishes I've witnessed.  I will be making this again for sure.  I did not see her assemble the ingredients as I stepped out to watch the Knicks-Celtics game.  C'mon KNICKS, win the damn game over these elder statesmen.  I swear that Paul Pierce plays five years younger when he's starring at NY jerseys, anyway I digress, and they lost in OT.  We hit pause on the DVR and in ten minutes, this dish was served. My aunt is no joke in the kitchen.  Lots to learn...


Wild Salmon - half a pound, cut up into bite sized pieces
Penne - about a third of the traditional container
1 bunch of scallions - chopped
6 Parsley stalks - chopped, along with the stems
4 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 Cup heavy cream or other lighter dairy option
Salt and Pepper

The assembled ingredients sans salt and pepper.

A small portion of the Salmon and Penne.

Sweat the scallions in the olive oil.

Add the wild salmon and cook on all sides.

Add the al dente penne, salt and pepper, then the cream.

Toss and serve.  Quick and tasty!  Thanks Aunt Fofi for another lesson.


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