Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sushi Seki

Sushi Seki is hands down my favorite sushi that I've had in NYC.  Chef Seki is a master sushi chef with great talents.  Temperature, texture, flavors are all spot on when he is working his magic. Here are some of the top selections from when I have been lucky enough to say "Omakase".

Raw tail, fried head. Nuff said.

Fried crab bits wrapped in nori. 
Whole tiny yellowtail.  So beautiful.
Mackerel with balsamic onions.  Nice flavor balance.
 Sliced Scallop with sea salt.  
I love the fact that the camera caught the flakes.

Uni - You either love or hate it, I'm glad I'm in the former group.

Snapper with shiso leaf in a smoked gelatin.  CRAZY!

 True Ikura  
Salmon roe in its natural form.  
Intense sodium explosions of flavor.

 Fried oyster, mmm!

Above is Seki's Ode to an NYC Bagel.  
Fried breaded tomato over cream cheese and salmon over rice.

Unagi, avocado and something I cannot recollect but it was the best unexpected p.b.j. taste, ever!

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